TIP – Organization relationship in Exchange Online

One of our customer acquired another Office 365 organization and wanted to share the Free busy information with each other. To accomplish that we need to create organizational relationship as described in the below article.


What is interesting after following the steps mentioned, customer was still not able view free busy information for the other organization from outlook or from OWA.

Here is the trick that needs to be followed to make it work.

Both organizations are not fully cloud only and their autodiscover was still pointing to onpremise server due to some obvious reasons.

Instead of troubleshooting the autodiscover for their environment and getting the free-busy work , below simple manual fix resolved the issue.

All user mailboxes are already migrated to Exchange online so here is what we did that resolved the issue.

Now I can see smile on exchange admin faces as they already know why this worked 🙂

If you or your partners are in similar situation just do this simple manual trick and it will work.


Sukhija Vikas






One thought on “TIP – Organization relationship in Exchange Online

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the article for I am also facing the same problem. I have set up the mutual trust in both tenants but I’m wondering how to test this.

    My problem now is how to get the calendars of the users from the other tenant without sending an invite.

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