Export Reverse DNS PTR Records

As Technet Gallery is retiring so moving the code to Git Hub. (click below github download link for this script)

Export Reverse DNS PTR Records

Someone recently contacted me if I can assist them in exporting the PTR records in csv format, they have already tried

DNSCMS /Exportzone or /enumrecords but getting the last octave of the ip address.


for a zone 154.10.in-addr.arpa, they were getting

1.100                   PTR           zzzhostname

Which is supposed to be

So here we go again, Powershell will come to rescue, below script was written that just needs input as DNS server name & offcourse we need

DNS module which can be downloaded from (link not available removed) , I have packaged it inside the script folder so we don’t have to worry.

Download & extract the zip file from above:


Tech Wizard




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