Schedule Task Monitor Script

As Technet Gallery is retiring so moving the code to Git Hub. (click below github download link for this script)

Schedule Task Monitor Script

Hi Readers,


We have created a new script which was required by our backup team. They had below requirements:

  • Montor Task Scheduler for failed tasks
  • Send email if the task is failed.
  • Send the error as attachement
  • Send the server name in message subject
  • Only monitor tasks that have name snapshot or backup
  • Updated 02/28/2014 — to cover the tasks that run for hours
  • Updated so that multiple emails for same alert are not received.

So download the attached solution, extract it.

Enter the server names in servers.txt file.


Change the variables accordingly

$hours = “-720”  (-720 ensures if the task is running for some hours than also it is covered, you can increse this value upto -1440)

$matching1 = “snapshot”

$matching2 = “backup”

$email1 = “”

$from = “”

$smtpserver =””

Schedule the batch file from task scheduler to run every hour.


Tech Wizard

PowerShell Cheat Book




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