DAG Creation Installation Notes

Today I am sharing the brief notes that you can refer for creating the Database Availability Group for Exchange Environment. We have used it for 2010 environment – win 2008 r2sp1 (changed to make it generic).

  1. Copy the installation files to the Server

2. Check Powershell version should be 2.0 ($psversiontable)

3. Run Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted in powershell. (you can change it later)

4. Open Powershell & install Win_PreReqs_MBX.ps1 (extract the scripts from below path)


5. Install  _WinR2SP1_Cluster_HotFix & _FilterPack (included in above download)

6.  Install Fail-over clustering Feature

7. Set the Service Net.TcpPort Sharing Service to Automatic

8.  Set the Windows Firewall Service to automatic and start the service

9. Check Private/Public NICs (private NIC should not have DNS registration check)

10. Change the binding order of NICs, Public should be on Top.

11. Run setup.com & choose languages on DVD , Custom install(automatically install required features) – Choose the installation path (I generally avoid installation on system drive)

12.  Select Mailbox Role –> finish wizard /restart

13.  Install latest service pack/Rollups /restart

14.  Add free busy fix registry & Max session  (this can be environment specific  – optional)

Download the registry from here:


Setting for Private/Public NIC interfaces

Feature MAPI Network Setting Replication Network Setting
Name Public Private
Teamed As per enviornment NA
Client for Microsoft Networks Enabled Disabled
QoS Packet Scheduler Enabled Enabled
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks Enabled Disabled
IPv6 Enabled Enabled
IPv4 Enabled Enabled
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver Enabled Enabled
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder Enabled Enabled

Follow the same procedure on other node.

15. Now we can proceed further for DAG creation:

New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Name DAG01 -WitnessServer WSServer -WitnessDirectory I:\DAG_FSW\DAG01 -DatabaseAvailabilityGroupIpAddresses,

16. Thru Exchange management console Configure DAG (Manage membership)

17.  Update DAG Configuration

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -identity DAG01 -AlternateWitnessServer wsserver2  -AlternateWitnessDirectory I:\DAG_FSW\DAG01 -DatacenterActivationMode DagOnly -networkcompression enabled

18.  Configure Dag Networks now  from Exchange management console, remove the default created networks & create MAPI/Replication networks.

if you want step by step info on how to create new networks & collapse default ones here is the link from other blogger, you can find plenty on the internet


19.  Create the Mailbox databases

New-MailboxDatabase -Name “DAG01_Database01” -EdbFilePath J:\DAG01_Database01\DAG01_Database01.edb -LogFolderPath J:\DAG01_DatabaseLog01

Mount-Database -Identity “DAG01_Database01

Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DAG01_Database01 -MailboxServer Node02

20.  Set activation preferences

Set-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DAG01_Database01\Node02 -ActivationPreference 2

Now you can setup default quotas, Journaling, Quota notification schedules.

This is our default check list for DAG creation, its just a  brief to do kind of list so that we don’t forget what is required.


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