Server Install Check List

Sharing a script that We have written to do Quality Analysis on server after installation, you can call it as Server Install Check List as well.

This script generates the HTML tabular report about the details and status of parameters like Server Hardware, OS, Drives, Hotfixes, Admin Group Members, Current OU of Server etc.

Download the Script from below link, open PowerShell, change directory to script directory, type qa.ps1 and press enter as shown in below screen shot.

It will first load Active Directory module (make sure you have it installed on the server from which you are running it)

Script will prompt you for server Name for which you want to run QA checks, enter the name of the server and press OK.

It will start gathering all the information about the server & will present report in HTML tabular format in the same directory where Script resides.


You can utilize it in your environment if you are running some similar processes for Server QA.

Thanks for downloading

Sukhija Vikas


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