Exchange Server Health Check

This is a long pending spell that I am sharing today. I have been sharing Exchange server health check Scripts since Exchange 2007 version.

These are very popular among the community and are being utilized by many organizations.

Here are the links to previous scripts:

Exchange 2007 :

Exchange 2010 :

Exchange 2013 :

Current script which has been uploaded to PowerShell gallery as well as Github and has been tested with Exchange 2016.

Though I have not tested it with 2013 and 2019 but it will work with those versions as well.

Install-Script -Name ExchangeDailyCheckList

This new version has been parametrized, also it does not require to have Exchange management shell installed.

Run the script from Powershell as below or schedule it from task scheduler.

.\ExchangeDailyCheckList.ps1 -Exserver ExchangeServerName -smtpserver SMTPSERVER -from -to -Action Report

.\ExchangeDailyCheckList.ps1 -Exserver ExchangeServerName -smtpserver SMTPSERVER -from -to -Action Alert



  • Exserver – type the exchange server name to connect to
  • Smtpserver – for sending email
  • From – Address from which email will be sent
  • To – Address to which email will be sent
  • Action – if report is entered then it will only send report, if alert is entered then you can schedule it to monitor exchange health and send alert if there is a problem


  • Backupmonitorhours – by default it is set to 24, if within 24hrs no backup has been taken then alert will be generated and report will show it as well with color coding.
  • QueueMonitor – by default it is set to monitor the non-shadow queues to alert if message count is greater than 100.
  • Logrecyclelimit – default is 60, after 60 days reports will be recycled else these are stored in reports folder.

Here is the result of the HTML report that will be sent to you:


Thanks for reading and downloading…

Tech Wizard



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