Disk Space and Services Threshold Monitoring

As Technet Gallery is retiring so moving the code to Git Hub. (click below github download link for this script)


Hi All,

I have recently written a script for one of our Teams & want to share it.

This script reads a config.csv file


ServerName:- Host name of the server

InstallPath:- Drive to monitor

email:- email to which alerts to be sent

threshold :- threshold at which alert should be sent

services:- tyoe of service to moniitor

In our case they want any service that has oracle in display name.






In the Script just add SMTPServer name & from address

$smtpserver = “smtpservername”

$From = “donotreply@labtest.com”


After configuration is completed just click batch file & you will see the magic

This can be scheduled to run multiple times via task scheduler.

Download & extract the full solution (exple CSV is attached)

just place the extracted solution any where & edit the parameters as described above.


Thanks for reading …

Tech Wizard




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