Exchange 2007 and 2010 Quota Report

As Technet Gallery is retiring so moving the code to Git Hub. (click below github download link for this script)

Hi Readers, 

Today I am sharing a script that most exchange admin needs, I have used this script many a times in our enviornment for extracting

quota reports.

This time you dont have to worry about path etc, just extract the zip file on server where exchange management tools are installed.

run the batch file name –> quotareport.bat

Double click it & below will be the output.

Pls rate the contribution if it worked for you.

Download the full script from above.


Just change the top shell section of the script that is at the top

for exchange 2007:-

If ((Get-PSSnapin | where {$_.Name -match “Exchange.Management”}) -eq $null){ Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Admin}

for exchange 2010:-

If ((Get-PSSnapin | where {$_.Name -match “Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010”}) -eq $null){ Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010}


Thanks for reading and downloading

Tech Wizard



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