Exchange Health Status Check

As Technet Gallery is retiring so moving the code to Git Hub. (click below github download link for this script)

Exchange Health Status Check

Hi Readers,


Today I am sharing a amazing script that I & my Colleague has written to reduce Team’s work for daily checking list.

Also We utilize it after maintenance activities.

This script is compatible with exchange 2007 server & do the following tasks.

  • Check CCR status & which are active nodes.
  • Storage Group Status (If it is healthy or not) -Copy status
  • Mail flow tests from all CCR’s
  • Mail queue on all Transport servers

This report is sent in email in the following format:-



Download & extract the zip file

Define the following variables in ExchangeDailyCheckList.ps1

$reportpath = “\\networkshare\folder\CMSReport.htm”

$smtphost = “smtp server”

$from = “”

$to = “”

Define the variable in Get-CMS-Status.ps1 inside CMSScripts folder

$report = “\\networkshare\folder\CMSReport.htm”


Note:-  Network share should be same for both scripts for the solution to work.

Now just run the batch file for the magic to begin, enter the user id & password (Administrator id)

Assumption is that you have  rights on all exchange servers in your enviornment.

What does it do :-

It detects the exchange CCR servers & active nodes , copies get-cms-status script to temp folder of active nodes, run the script remotely via psexec i.e inside the folder you downloaded, reports the output in cmsreport.htm at networkpath. (it will only copy the file first time & then for every other time it only checks if it doesnt exist then copies it to c:\temp of active node.


First time script will thro red error because report cmsreport.htm doesnt exists.


Thanks for reading and downloading…

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PowerShell Cheat Book


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