Lotus Domino Clustering Over Private LAN

Lotus Domino Clustering (Active /Active)

All nodes have active copies of each database(.nsf files)

High Level steps:


Both server should have two NICs installed, one is Public network & other is Private Network. Configure TCPIP for both adapters

1. Install & configure Lotus Domino servers (Same Domino Domain)

2. Use Domino administrator

  1. Create a Port, select the Configuration tab, Tools, Server, Setup Port. You will then need to create and enable a new Port prior to be used by the server being configured for cluster functionality.
  2. In the Ports -> Notes Network Ports tab of the Server document of each cluster member, add and enable a new port for the private LAN.

3. Assign each port an IP address from the corresponding subnets and place this information in the NOTES.INI file in the following form:


4. Add the following line to the NOTES.INI file:

Server_Cluster_Default_Port=Cluster Port
where Cluster Port is the port you created for the cluster. In this example, this line would be:

5. Restart the servers.

For detail Refer :



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