Moving an R&R database from one server to another

Taken From IBM Site:

1. Pull a new replica of the R&R database from the old server to the new server.

2. Open the access control list (ACL) of the R&R database on the new server.

a) Change the Server ACL to the new server.

 b) Set the Manager and [Create Resource] (if needed) ACL to the new Manager and Resource Creator.

c) Select the Advanced icon and set the Administration server to the new server name. * To open the ACL in Notes releases prior to 8, choose File –> Database –> Access Control. * To open the ACL in Notes 8 and later releases, choose File –> Application –> Access Control.

3. The following agent can be run on the Lotus Domino Directory to change the room/resource mail-in documents from the old server name to the new server name. You do not have to worry about the domain since that is not changing. Run the agent on all room/resource documents that reside in the database that you are moving: FIELD MailServer:= “CN=newserver/OU=neworgunit/O=neworg”; where: “newserver” is the new Domino Server that the database was moved to. “neworgunit” is the new organizational unit of the new domino server (if this applies). “neworg” is the new organizational certifier of the new Domino server. “newdomain” is the new mail domain that the R&R database was moved to.

4. Run the following commands on the new server: Load fixup your_resource_reservations_database_name.nsf Load updall names.nsf -t “($rooms)” -r Load updall names.nsf -t “($resources)” -r On Domino 7.x or higher server only, Load the RnrMgr task if it is not running. If it is running recycle the task as follows: Tell RnRMgr quit Load RnrMgr On Domino 6.x or lower server only, recycle the sched task as it should already be running: Tell Sched quit Load Sched

5. Once you move the database, open the R&R database in Domino Designer and go to Shared Code –> Agents. Enable all scheduled agents (represented with a clock icon). This will complete your move.

NOTE: If the free time database does not contain entries for the new rooms and resources, verify the agent created in Step 3. Try modifying mail-in databases manually and recycle RnRMgr and Sched Tasks, or revalidate rooms and resources accordingly

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