Enterprise Vault Setting Quota for multiple users

Hi Readers,

A new requirement has arrived in which we have to set a different quota (individual quota) for 2000 users .

In enterprise vault this task is not pssible by policies or EVPM. Setting quota individually for 2000 users & managing it is a cumbersome task. There for I coordinated with Symantec & found a SQL table , you can edit this SQL table & set the individual quota.

The below SQL script can be used to set quota for multiple user at once, make sure to take backup of EV directory before proceeding (also Symantec will not support if anything happens wrong, do propertesting before proceeding)

This will set quota of around 6 gb & notify frequency when 90% quota is reached.


Use EnterpriseVaultDirectory

update Archive set ArchiveLimitSize = ‘6000000’

, ArchiveLimitOperation = ‘1’

, ArchiveLimitStatus = ‘1’

, ArchiveNotifyOperation = ‘6’

, ArchiveNotifySize = ’90’

where ArchiveName in (‘Sukhija, Vikas’,’user2′,’user3′)



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