Enterprise Vault Email Notifications issue Part 1

Hi Readers,

We have analysed that quota warning email notification does’nt work as required, Our enviornment for EV is on version 9.0.3

The policy we are using is age based & we want user should be notified when his/her vault reaches 90% of the vault quota.(Global 3GB quota is applied for  Archive Vaults at site level)

We have modified the default warning message & copied it to enterprisevault folder as required to make notifications work.

Its working fine but there are two issues:

1. It is not working for users that have their vault full but their mailbox is not older then a year(New to company) –age based policy is 1 year

2.  If the user has moved the email messages to vault & he does’nt have anything older then a year then also it does’nt email to user about full vault.

To overcome this problem , What We are doing is using operation reports in enterprise vault (SQL reporting) –> adding a subscription to write the quota report to a file share & after that We will write some script that will read that file & send quota warning notification.

I will publish the script in part 2 of this blog post.


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