Exchange 2013 What’s New

Hi Readers,

I was going thru Exchange 2013 recently , a bit late but as we say better late then never.

Microsoft has introduced some noticeable differences & we are back to days of exchange 2003 where we have frontend

& backend server concepts.(in some manner)

  • Hub Transport server is gone now, feature has been distributed between CAS/Mailbox servers.
  • ECP/Exchange management console is also gone, EAC is introduced (Exchange Admin center)
  • Public folder console is also gone, It is now part of EAC.
  • Edge Transport server is also not available currently but you can use 2007 & 2010 edge transport server with exchange 2013 as of now.
  • Microsoft Exchange search engine has been replace with Fast Search in Exchange 2013.
  • Built-in DLP , for protecting users from sending personal information such as credit cards.
  • Outlook Webapp has been greatly improved for phablet/tablets.
  • Offline outlook web access (Very Cool feature)

There are many more changes but these are the ones that I have found to be very different.



Sukhija Vikas


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