Exchange 2013 Safety Net

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Happy New Year!!!!

First Post of the year so it should be something different/unique, Therefore I have chosen the new concept that has been introduced by Microsoft in  Exchange 2013 –> SafetyNet.

What is SafetyNet ???

Microsoft has replaced Transport Dumpster in previous versions with SafetyNet.

SafetyNet  –> Consists of two parts

  • Primary SafetyNet :  When the message is fully processed on the Mailbox server, message is moved from active queue to the Primary SafetyNet queue on the same server.
  • Shadow Safety Net : This is for the the mailbox server that holds the shadow message. Ones the message is processed by the primary server, shadow message is moved to the shadow SafetyNet from shadow queue.

SafetyNet is better than dumpster as its storage is on the basis of duration rather than size, default is 2 days. Another plus point here is, its not just applicable for DAGS but for mailbox & public-folders as well.

SafetyNet is never a single point of failure because of Shadow SafetyNet.


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