Sharepoint Server is showing Installation Required

Hi Readers,

Want to share  important troubleshooting related to Sharepoint 2010 , Suddenly one of our SP server started showing Installation Required.

Nothing has been changed or updated on SharePoint. Tried running the configuration wizard again on the farm but it did’nt helped.

Searched internet but it seems people that got this problem ran the config wizard by using below command, but in our case that didn’t helped.

psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd installcheck -noinstallcheck

According to Microsoft this can happen if temp files are deleted or installer folder is cleaned-up on the server.

They have provided us two utilities:

1. ROIScan  (To check what is missing from installer)

2. Oputil (To restore the missing elements from the working server)

We ran Oputil as below:

Run “Oputil.vbs /srestorelocation=\\workingserver\c$\windows\installer”

After running this , Next day our server started reporting as upgrade in progress.


We ran Config wizard & now its showing No Action Required 🙂

Download the Roiscan/oputil from below location:



Sukhija Vikas


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