PowerAutomate – User claims to UserPrincipalName

We have encountered a situation while working on an older Powerautomate flow that needs some modification.

It requires UserPrincipalName instead of User Email. (People picker)

It sounds to be simple but there is no dynamic field to accomplish this..

Now what should we do? On researching we have found a solution to achieve it..

We can utilize Get User profile activity.

It takes UPN or id field.

How to get the id for the user? (We do not have UPN so not talking about it as we are after that only.)

  1. Create a Variable and Set its value to User Claims (from Dynamic)

  1. Use Compose activity with replace expression as below:


  1. Utilize Get User profile with output of compose from previous step.

Now you have many values from user profile. We are only after UPN so we will get it from here as dynamic value.

If you want any other value that’s also possible (see below screenshot of Dynamic values)

I hope this solution will assist you in your automation need if you are in similar situation.



Thanks for reading …

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PowerShell Fast Track



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