TIP: PowerAutomate Sending alert Before Expiry Date

You want to develop an automation via PowerAutomate to send the Alert before designated date.

For example:

  • Start Sending Email Alert 60 or 90 days before Particular Entry is set to expire.

Use Case
à Certificate Expiry, Service account expiry or Project expiry date.

I am not getting in the details of the whole solution as that can differ from Org to Org, but important part is its mechanics.

  1. Create a PowerAPP form based on SPO List.
  2. Schedule Powerautomate flow (Recurrence) to check the List items (Say every week)
  3. If any Item expiry date field is coming in next 60 days, Send alert to particular department email address.

Here is how you will achieve it with PowerAutomate:

  • Use Get-Items activity à change its threshold to 500 (by default its 100 and you can set it max 5000)

500 is enough based on multiple scenarios we have implemented.


Next Item is Apply to each loop where we will implement the condition as shown below, If Expiry is less than or Equal to (Function)



  • Expiry is the date Field

Here is the Function that you can use based on the timing you decide – adddays(utcnow(), 60)

If it comes as true then action is like Sending Email, that is what will accomplish many automations which seems complex but with PowerAutomate its too simple.

I hope this small TIP /concept will assist many people to do few automations of their company processes.


Thanks for reading …

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