Exchange 2010 Health Check

As Technet Gallery is retiring so moving the code to Git Hub. (click below github download link for this script)

Exchange 2010 Health Check


Updated Version :- Modified to work in Exchange coexistence Enviornment

Updated Version :- with activation prefrence, if prefrence is not 1 than status will show in yellow color

Updated Version :- included DAG DB backups status

Updated Version:- included check for queuelength

Hi Readers,


As our enviornment is being migrated to exchange 2010 so we have started migrating our scripts to this version as well.

This script was first written for exchange 2007 & now has been upgraded to exchange 2010 version, it is more simpler than it was before.

It checks the following things:-

1. PAM

2. Mailbox databases

3. Mailflow

4. Transport queues


extract the zip file & Just define the variables at the begining of the script:

$smtphost = “smtpserver”

$from = “”

$to = “”

$hrs = (get-date).Addhours(-24)  (change the value if you want to monitor dag backups for less than 24 hrs)

run batch file..

below will be the kind result that you will get in your email.


Note:- It will run from the machine where exchange 2010 management shell is installed.

Tech Wizard

PowerShell Cheat Book

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