Adding disclaimer to Domino R5/6


Change the design of the Memo form in the MAIL.BOX file on the mail server(s).

Warning: In the event that a future IBM Support incident is opened, please be aware that making customizations to the standard Domino templates results in an unsupported configuration. The first step in a Support incident with a customer who has customized templates is to ask them to revert to the standard templates and attempt again to reproduce the problem.

This form can be changed in much the same way as the MTA FORMS database used by the R4 SMTP MTA. The file MAILBOX.NTF is used as the design template when Router creates the MAIL.BOX file. By changing the Memo form, the disclaimer text will be added to ALL messages when the router does CD-MIME conversion. It is important to note that in order for this to work, the end user’s Location document must use Notes Rich Text Format.

To add text to the body of all outgoing SMTP mail, perform the following steps:

1. Open the MAIL.BOX template (MAILBOX.NTF) in Domino Designer.
2. Open the Memo form.
3. Find the Body field at the bottom of the form and highlight this field.
4. Copy and paste this field onto the next line.
5. Note that you now have an additional body field called Body_1.
6. It is suggested to change the name of this field to something appropriate, such as “Disclaimer”, for example. Make sure the Disclaimer field is on a line of its own.
7. Click on the new field, and the default value will be selected. In the pane on the lower right, type in the text in quotes that you wish to go out with every SMTP email.
8. Click the green arrow button to enter the text.
9. Escape and save the form.
10. Replace the design of the MAIL.BOX(es) on the server with this modified template design.


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