Address rewrite agent -Lotus Domino

Addrss rewrite agent(formula language)  useful in migrations etc.

XXX—Current Domain

yyy—-replaced domain

It can be used by holding the mails & then running the agent on it & releasing the mails finally.

FIELD SendTo := @If(@Contains(SendTo;”@XXX”);@ReplaceSubstring(SendTo;”@XXX”;”@yyy”);SendTo);

FIELD CopyTo := @If(@Contains(CopyTo;”@XXX”);@ReplaceSubstring(CopyTo;” @XXX”;”@yyy”);CopyTo);

FIELD BlindCopyTo := @If(@Contains(BlindCopyTo;” @XXX”);@ReplaceSubstring(BlindCopyTo;”@XXX”;”@yyy”);BlindCopyTo);

FIELD Recipients := @If(@Contains(Recipients;”@XXX”);@ReplaceSubstring(Recipients;”@XXX”;”@yyy”);Recipients);


6 thoughts on “Address rewrite agent -Lotus Domino

  1. Do you know how we can have by default the BCC field filled with another email address ( i.e. forward all sent notes msg to gmail for eg.)

  2. Where do I put this code in? The Domino Server? Do I use designer and what location and database? Thank you for your help.

    • Thank you for replying so quickly. We are in a middle if migrations. And we are having the problem with external users emailing us. How does the agent trigger? Do I create a new agent as a formula? I just copy and paste the code? Again thank you.

  3. What you have to do is hold emails when ever it arrives to domino servers & then schedule this agent to run every 5 mins , it will rewrite the address & release the emails. This is the way how we used it. yes just copy & paste the code as formula agent.

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