Reset windows 2003 Admin password

There is an unlikely event when you went in to a situation where you need to reset Administrator password as you have forgotton it.

The same situation we were in when a critical server machine was disjoined from the domain to troubleshoot something but as administrator password was not known to any one of us so we were not able to log  into the machine.

After lot of research on internet we founf three solutions:

1.  Offline NT Password Boot CD

It worked in my previous experience with xp machine but it failed this time as server requires scsci drivers & we were not able to load those thru floppy disk

2.  ERD Comander 2007’s-erd-commander-2007-(iso)-200808282410/

This also failed , dont know the reason but try it may be it works for you.

3.  Hiren’s Boot CD

This finally rocked.

So all the best, if you fell in same situation in future just try these above three methods ,one of these will definately work for you 🙂


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