Exchange 2007 Catch all from Hub Transport

One of our client has forwarded a requirement that they want to decomission their old domain but want that they want to catch mails from that domain to a single mailbox on outside client network.

We have created an exchange server with hub/cas/mailbox server installed &  deployed the catch all agent developed by “Wilbert De Graaf”

Link Archived

1. Download the files from the above location.

Change the config file


  <domain name=”“ />
Change the catch domain to the domain that you want to catch.

2. Copy the files in folder under C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\agents\catchall(or what ever the location of your exchange setup.

3. make sure permission to network service are there on all the files.

4.  execute the below command thru shell

install-transportagent -Name “CatchAll Agent” -TransportAgentFactory:CatchAll.CatchAllFactory -AssemblyPath:”C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\agents\catchall\CatchAllAgent.dll”

5.  It will ask you to restart ms exchange transport service

6. enable-transportagent to enable the agent.

7.  make sure transport agent priority is low value in comparison to  recipient filtering agent .

8. restart the ms exchange transport service.

You are all done :), Now just test, it works like charm..(Thanks to its developer)


3 thoughts on “Exchange 2007 Catch all from Hub Transport

  1. Whats the actual requirement as some part can be achieved with transport rules as well.We have done something similar with transport rules as well. If sender contains than redirect to particular mailbox. (we are doing this for our faxing solution, anynumber@particular domaiin, land up to same mailbox)

  2. Hi Vikas, would you still have the dll files available for download? Codeplex no longer offers this download apparently…


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