Vmware Configuration with Hp Lefthand SAN

I got a new small project (duration 3 weeks) for configuring small Vmware infrastructure that will include HA & FT.

Components include:

Two ESXi server HP DL380 G7 (36 GB memory)

Hp storage works 4300

Below is the High leval approach:(I cant give screen shots as it has client names in it , so below are the steps)

1. Check you are able to connect VIA ILO

2. Install licenses of all ILO if they are not already installed.

3. Get licenses from HP site & VM ware site by registering the products

4. Configure Raid on servers

Insert the smart HP start cd in to the servers & start the RAID wizard to configure RAID level that you require.

5.  Install ESXi servers

6.  Configure SAN

a. Install CMC on same subnet as the SAN.

b. Launch CMC, It will auto detect your controllers.

c. Create a NIC bond if you want to leverage load balancing of NICS.

d. Create a mangment group & cluster by using wizards in getting started or from tool bar.

e. Create Volumes after cluser configuration completes.

f. you can configure smtp alerts as well.

7.  Attaching Volumes to ESX hosts thru ISCSI.

a. enable the iscsi adapter in esx hosts

b. note down the iqn number in it.

c. In CMC under seervers node click new server add name & iqn number.

d. In CMC right click volume & assign it to the server configured.

e Go back to esx server in the iscsi initiator adapter properties –>dynamic discovery add the VIP(ip of cluster)–>click ok

its will ask for rescan of adapter press yes, you will see that volume is attached to the esx server.

8. Create a VMFS by going to configuuratiion on ESX server –>add storage–>you will see the LUN attached.

add the storage , VMFS is now added.

9. You can now same way attach another ESX server to same storage(requirement for HA & FT)

10. Configure VM’s on shared storage i.e VMFS volume created above.

Note:- these are brief steps, there are additional steps involved for MPIO setup, ISCSI Nic binding, vswitch configuration etc.


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