Removing MSREPL_Tran_Version from Sql database

Hi Viewers,

Recently I was involved in troubleshooting of symantec Enterprise vault 8.0 for exchange server where archiving has stopped happening.

I have studied eventvwr & found there is an insert error is occuring on provisioning task, so my doubt has gone to SQL database only.

I have browsed the enterprise vault directory tables & found that there is an extra coolumn MSREPL_Tran_Version.

This coulmn only exists when somebody has enabled the replication in sql database.

I have removed the sql replication & subscription from sql , after that ran the follwing two scripts & pasted the results in script window  & ran again.

constrant script:

select ‘alter table ‘+ object_name(parent_obj) +’ drop constraint ‘+name+ char(13) From sysobjects where name like ‘%msrep%’ and type =’D’ and object_name(parent_obj) <>’MSreplication_subscriptions’

table script:

select ‘alter table ‘+object_name(ID) +’ drop column msrepl_tran_version ‘+ char(13) from syscolumns where name like ‘msrepl_tran_version%’ and object_name(ID) not like ‘conflict%’

This ultimately fixed the issue that was occuring on the Enterprise vault server.


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