Active directory script to change group membership & profile paths

Hi Readers,

As from prevous posts you all have noticed that I am doing some data center migration project so therefore we needed a script so that users AD groups  & profile paths are automatically changed when we run the script.

As I believe to keep the things simple so I have downloaded the quest  Active Roles management Shell for Active Directory & wrote a powershell script to achieve my goal

After installing this , I have added the snapin to powershell

New-Item -Path $PROFILE -ItemType File -Value ‘add-PSSnapin quest.activeroles.admanagement’ -Force

Now, please find the below script which reads a csv file & replace groups from one colums to groups in other column

 #pass the arguments to script


# get user properties
$user = get-qaduser $Arg

# import csv file
$data = import-csv d:\migrationScripts\AD\groups.csv

#Check if usr belogs to group in csv

foreach ($i in $data)

$Can = “CN=$grp”
If (($user.memberof -like “$Can,*”) -and ($user.memberof -like “$RCan,*”))
write-host “$Rgrp is already present”

if ($user.memberof -like “$Can,*”)
Write-Host “replace $grp”

remove-qadgroupmember $grp $user

# sleep for 5 seconds so that user is removed
sleep 5
add-qadgroupmember $Rgrp $user


write-host “Change $user profile paths”

# get user profile paths & replace with new paths

$TsProf = $user.TsProfilePath
$TsProfChg = $TsProf -replace “server1-fs”,”server2-fs”

$TsHome = $user.TsHomeDirectory
$TsHomeChg = $TsHome -replace “server1-fs”,”server2-fs”
set-qaduser $user -TsProfilePath $TsProfChg
set-qaduser $user -TsHomeDirectory $TsHomeChg

$userchg = get-qaduser $Arg
$TSp = $userchg.TsProfilePath
$TSh = $userchg.TsHomeDirectory

Write-host “$user profile paths changed to $TSp”
Write-host “$user Home Directory paths changed to $TSh”

 To run a script : script.ps1 usersid


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