Moving Blackberry Enterprise Server SQL database from one server to another

I have a requirement in which I have to move SQL database from one blackberry Server to another:

The process is very simple:(BES and SQL 2005)

1. Take backup of BES database by using sql management studio

2.  Copy the data base folder from BES installer to NEW SQL server, in my case it was extracted in path C:\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1.7\Database

3.  Edit the BESMGMT.cfg file & enter the BES data base name you want to create on New SQL server

DATABASE_NAME=BESMgmt (in case of SQL instances you ahve to mention instance name\database name)

4. Open command prompt on New Sql server browse to databse path & run createDB.exe with the user that has permissions.

5. Now restore the  database from backup to this newly create database on New SQL Server.

6. Now go to Blackberry enterprise server & open blackberry server configuration from start–>programs menu

7.  Click Change database & wizard will start which will guide you to a smooth process. (blackberry services will stop & start in the process)

If you are using MDS services database then you have to follow some additional steps that are mentioned in below link.

In my case we are not using MDS services.


2 thoughts on “Moving Blackberry Enterprise Server SQL database from one server to another

  1. Hi Sukhija,

    I’ve been asked to move one bb database to another server and never worked with BES before.
    Your guide is very clear but I got one question.

    Why are steps 3/4 required when database gets restored/overwritten in next step? Does that script create some objects on instance level that stay after ’empty’ database is overwritten through the restore?

    RIM’s guide also insists on creating empty db first… so I am just curious.

    Thanks a lot.

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