Microsoft word hang issue after migration & decomission of old file server

We were facing the issue of Microsoft word getting hung when user tried to open word files.

So we started troubleshooting & found the following

1. User logoff was not graceful

2. Some times we were not able to delete after the user  logged off from citrix.

3. Some times we were not able to delete ntuser.dat file on the cirix server after user logged off.

4. re-Creating the userprofile resolved the issue but we have to drill it further down what exactly was causing word to hang while other apps were working fine after migration.

5. This was happening randomly for some of the users so we were not able to draw the pattern.

finally at last we found the solution….

we loaded the user hive & found the below key which was poining to old file server(we have deleted this key as it was no loger required)–This resolved the issue.


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