Hide Applications and Application Folders for XenApp Web Sites

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Forgot to write this article into by blogpost. today a firend of mine reached me on email & asked me about the solution as I have implemented it one of  our client.

Below is the process that I have followed , this process is already published on Citrix support site.

Unzip the file Global.asax.zip. It contains the modified global.asax file for each Web Interface 5.x version. Make sure to use the correct one, otherwise compilation errors may occur. To verify the version of Web Interface, check under Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features) for Citrix Web Interface component. Note: Make sure to read the readme file for Web Interface

  • Backup the global.asax file located in the Citrix/xenApp/ directory.
    For Web Interface 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4 only
    , be sure to back up global.asax.cs in the Citrix/XenApp/App_code directory by renaming the file as global.asax.old or moving the file out of the Inetpub directory. Do not leave both (original and modified) global.asax files with the .cs extension in the same directory. Only leave the modified global.asax file. Otherwise, Web Interface generates an internal error during compilation.
  • Place the attached global.asax file in the Citrix/XenApp directory.
    For Web Interface 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4 only, place the global.asax.cs file in the Citrix/XenApp/App_code directory.
  • For Web Interface 5.4 only, get the HiddenFoldersFilter.java and HiddenApplicationsFilter.java files from the WI_5.4 folder (inside the global.asax.zip file) and place them in the following location:
  • Add the following line to the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix/xenApp/conf/WebInterface.conf file:HiddenFolders=
    (example: HiddenFolders=\FolderA, \FolderB\SubFolderC)
    Note: Make sure to place the backslash (\) before the folder name.- Or –

    (example: HiddenApps=Calculator, Admin Tools)

  • Save file and test.

Reference :- 


This Post applies to below versions:

Web Interface 5.0
Web Interface 5.1
Web Interface 5.2
Web Interface 5.3
Web Interface 5.4

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