Bulk Disable of Exchange Mailboxes

Hi Readers

I have been given a list of terminated users from previous years to verify that if tey exist in Exchange enviornment & if they exist it needs to be removed.

I have used the condtion that is user account is disabled in AD, hidden from GAL & OU is terminated user OU.

You can use the condition as per the enviornment you are working on.

$data = import-csv $args[0]

foreach ($i in $data)


$user = get-mailbox $i.Name

if (($user.HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled -like “True”) -and ($user.UserAccountControl -like “AccountDisabled*”) -and ($user.OrganizationalUnit -like “*Terminated*”))


$user1 = $user.SamAccountName

Write-host “$user1 will be disabled”

Disable-mailbox $user1 -Confirm:$false







$user1 = $user.SamAccountName
Write-host “$user1 will not be disabled”




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