Copying the other phone data to Mobile phone field

Hi Readers,

Recently a small issue came when user has enabled sync between his outlook & iphone.

All the contact phone numbers  got synchronized  in other phone number field, that is  why the numbers are not visible in iphone contacts.

I have researched a bit on it as there are lot of contacts so cant fix it manually So I have found the below powershell script that

will copy the the phone numbers from other phone number field to Mobile phone field.


$outlook = new-object -com outlook.application

$contacts = $outlook.Session.GetDefaultFolder(10)

$contacts.Items | % {
if($_.MobileTelephoneNumber -eq “”)
{ $_.MobileTelephoneNumber = $_.OtherTelephoneNumber; $_.OtherTelephoneNumber = “”; $ }



Sukhija Vikas


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