Sharepoint 2010 content deployment Jobs

Hi Readers,

There is a interesting concept in Sharepoint which can be utilized for deploying content between farms.

Below are the considerations which needs to be kept in mind.

1. Both farms should be at same patch level, same solution /features installed that is used by sitecollection.

2. Source & destination server that are participating in deployment must host central admin.

3. For first deployment job to be success , destination site collection should not use any template (blank)


4. After the deployment there should not be any any changes made in Destination site collection that exists in source Site collection.

For example:-

If you created a document libaray with same name in destination site collection which exists in source site collection then content deployment job will fail.


1. On destination farm :- Navigate to Central Administration -> General Application Settings -> Content Deployment -> Configure Content Deployment.

Select Accept incoming Content Deployment job

content dep

If ssl is not used then select do not require encryption.

Choos the directories as you like..

2. Now on source farm Central Administration -> General Application Settings -> Content Deployment ->Configure content deployment paths and jobs

Fill up the source site collection & destination Central admin settings (test connetion –> it should be successful)


Now click ok & create a content deployment Job.


Firs time you can run it without schedule for testing & then you can create a schedule to run it.

After the Job is successful, Source site will appear on destination farm.

This technique can be utilized in prod/uat enviornment.


Sukhija Vikas


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