Sharepoint 2010 Design Consideration

Hi Readers,

I have attended training from Netapp & was amazed to know the benefits of moving away from SQL as the storage for sharepoint.

Here are the important takes

We should use CIFS as storage for SharePoint. (it will provide more performance then keeping the things in SQL)


2 TB database will only be 26 GB on CIFS with dedup.

Large files can be easily uploaded without performance issues

It is cheaper then SAN solution.

MS is also using CIFS for their sharepoint.(As per Instructor)

Here is the slide for your reference:


By doing above users home directories can be managed via sharepoint web. (you will get benefits of versioning etc)

Avepoint was mentioned many times during the session so providing the link to their site.

Disclaimer:-  Above is for refrence only, Please research yourself & take advice from porfessional services before designing Sharepoint in your Organization.


Sukhija Vikas


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