Publish Active Directory Group membership to SharePoint Webpage

Hi Readers,

Today I am sharing a power-shell solution that can be used to publish Group Membership information to SharePoint Webpage.

Download the scripts from below link & modify the grouppublish.ps1 script.

$group = “Group1” (group name for which you want to publish the membership)

$source = “C:\Scripts\PatchPilot\output1\patchpilot.html” (Path of HTML file that will be copied to sharepoint server) This is inside scripts folder

$destination = “\\spserver\c$\Scripts\report” (Sharepoint server path where you will copy the HTML file)

Below is the HTML file that will be created & copied to Sharepoint server directory

Now there is second script that will upload the html file to SharePoint site. (you can schedule this script)

Change below variables accordingly

$siteurl = “”        ### Specify SharePoint Site

$docLibraryName = “Site List”                ### Specify Document library where file wil be uploaded

$localFolderPath = “C:\scripts\report”                      ### Put folder path in a variable

Now last step is to add page viewer web-part to display the HTML file on SharePoint webpage.

edit web-part properties

Now group will be displayed on the webpage.

Note:- Quest & SharePoint shell is used for this whole solution to work.


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