Lync 2010 CU update Failed to create database rtcdyn number: -2147216320

Hi Readers,

Want to share the issue that We faced during Lync 2010 CU update.

Below error was logged :-


Not a major upgrade; using existing file and log file paths for dynamic database

Using existing dyndb path of X:\mssql\prod\data

Using existing dynlog path of Y:\mssql\prod\data

Opened database rtcdyn

Restricting access and dropping database.

Dropped database rtcdyn

Creating database rtcdyn

    DbFile : PhysicalName = X:\mssql\prod\data\rtcdyn.mdf

    LogFile: PhysicalName = Y:\mssql\prod\data\rtcdyn.ldf

Failed to create database rtcdyn

Error (

  name:        Error


  number:      -2147216320




Researched internet & gone thru various articles but none of them applied to us.

On further working with MS Support we found the issue with the SQL cluster configuration.(we also tested that we were not able to create any new databases on the SQL server)

Issue was clustered disks were not part of SQL, so we added those disks in dependencies & ran the below command:

Install-CsDatabase -Update -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn < Fqdn > -DatabasePaths <RtcDyn log path>, <RtcDyn data path>



Tech Wizard


4 thoughts on “Lync 2010 CU update Failed to create database rtcdyn number: -2147216320

  1. is that a new drive added to the cluster?? … Where u r trying to create the database If yes then sql server cannot see those drives until it’s added into sql group

  2. Nope, those were existing drives that’s why no body thought that could be the issue..
    Lync was running fine & last upgrade was also successful, It seems someone has changed cluster configuration in the past…

    • Yeah that must be the reason some one must be playing with cluster configurations … Can u check the event log against event ID 201 I think.. That should say something

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