How to Deploy Sharepoint WSP Solutions

Hi Readers,

Sharing the steps to deploy, update & remove WSP solutions.

SharePoint administrators usually get WSP packages to be deployed, update or remove in SharePoint environments from developers or vendors. These WSP packages often enable customized features that enhance the organization capability to use sharepoint effectively.

Before deploying WSP solutions you need to add it first.


Launch SharePoint Management Shell:

Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath D:\wsp\sharepointorgchart.wsp

Now in Central Administration–> System settings –> Manage Farm solutions

you will see the WSP package as not deployed



Click on this WSP package & you will get options to Deploy it.


Select the options according to requirement such as : to deploy on particular webapp.


After deployment you will find that the solution is seen as deployed.


In the similar way you can use shell to update the existing solution  by using


For removing SPSolution you can go back to central admin , first use retract solution & after that remove Solution.


There are other shell options as well like install-spsolution (to deploy) & remov-spsolution.

I have shared the method that We regularly use.


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