GlobalNames Zone

Hi Readers,

I was just brushing up my windows server skills & thought that this is worth sharing with all as it is an important concept of DNS server which many of us don’t pay enough attention i.e.  GlobalNames Zone.

In your organization if you require single labeled names than this is the way to go. There are situations where you can utilize this function.

1. If you want to retire WINS but you have some legacy apps that require netbios names but dynamic updates are not required.

2. You have large number of domains & you don’t want yo rely on dns search suffix order.

3. There are applications in your environment that rely on single labeled Names.

This was introduced with windows server 2008 , it is a great help if we want to get away from WINS and still wants the functionality of single labeled Names.

GlobalNames Zone is a simple fwd Lookup AD integrated Zone with name GlobalNames but you have to enable it.

dnscmd <ServerName> /config /enableglobalnamessupport 1

WINS doesn’t support IPv6 so we have to any how retire this legacy technology.

For more information & deployment details refer below link.


Tech Wizard



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