Setup E-Discovery Center Sharepoint Online

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Office 365 has introduced an alternative to Products like EnterpriseVault , Clearwell discovery solutions. For setting it up You need to setup e-discovery Center first.If you are not new to SharePoint than its just likes creating a New site collection with a particular Template and assigning necessary permissions.

Create E-Discovery Site Collection

  • Log on to office 365 portal –> Admin –> SharePoint



  • Click Site Collection –> New Private Site Collection


  • Select Enterprise Tab –> Select eDiscovery Center Template


  • Select Administrator –> “User Id” , Quota –>1024 is fine.


  •  Click Ok & wait for site to be provisioned.


  • Now when launching site, you will see the Welcome Screen.



Now we need to Configure Exchange Online as Discovery Source:

  • Go to Site Settings


  • Click Search Result sources under Site Collection Administration


  • Select New Result Source

Name –> Exchange Online

Protocol –> Exchange

Exchange Source Url –> Use Autodiscover

Click Save..


Provide Permissions to E-discovery Users/Groups to SharePoint Online

(better would be create group)

  • Now Back on Settings Page, Click Site Permissions –>Add user/ Groups to Owners on ediscovery center site collection that you have created.


You need to provide site collection Administration rights to all site collections for which you want Legal Discovery to search contents in SharePoint Online.

This can be accomplished in Site Settings –>Site Collection administrators


Now provide E-discovery group/users access to read access to Crawl Logs

  • Click Search Under Sharepoint Administration


  • In crawl Log permissions –> Add e-discovery users/ group


Add e-discovery users/ group to Exchange Discovery Management Role.

  • Select Admin –> Exchange –>Permissions

Edit Discovery Management


  • Add e-discovery users/ group


Now E-discovery center setup is complete.. 🙂

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