How to Check Impersonation permissions for Exchange

Hi Readers,

Many a times as Exchange Administrators we are in situation on  How to Check Impersonation permissions. We have applied the permissions but want to check if its working , to prove the application team or for confirmation what we have applied is correct. (Found the solution on Blackberry KB, describing it step by step here)

You can use EWSeditor from codeplex site for checking this.

Extract the solution EWSEditor.exe


  • From Menu option File


  • Click New Exchange Service


  • Select either the option to Use AutoDiscover or Use a specific EWS Url instead of using AutoDiscover to get the URL.


  • Click on the Use the following credentials instead of the default Windows credentials.


  • Select use impersonation to log on to another mailbox…



If Unsuccessful it will show as:


If Successful it will show as:Capture


Tech Wizard



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