Send As from Distribution List

Hi All,

Sharing an interesting topic which has been raised by many coworkers & some times by users that we work with.

They always use send as from mailbox but if its possible to Send As from Distribution List?

Answer to this question is yes but there is no option in Exchange console to set send as access on a distribution List.

This can be achieved either by using Active Directory  snapin or thru our loved power-shell. Without send as permissions granted on a DL if you try to send from it below error is received.


Steps to be followed for setting up Send As on Distribution List using active directory.

Open the security Tab of Distribution List from Active Directory  console & go to advanced permissions. Apply Send As permissions to the user that you want.


Using PowerShell same achieved be achieved with a one line command.

Add-ADPermission -Identity “Group Name” -User Domain\userid -ExtendedRights Send-As

Now you will be able to send from this Distribution List successfully without any issues/ errors.


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