Disable Journal for Voice Mails – Exchange Server

Journal (Standard or Premium) has been implemented in most the Exchange environments , but Most of the legal departments doesn’t want to Journal the Voice emails , as well as they don’t want it to be forwarded or manually archived to virtual vaults.

So on a whole there are three requirements :

  • No Journal of Unified Messaging voice mails.
  • Restrict Forwarding to outside world.
  • Stop Manual Archiving.

Here is what we could do with existing Messaging infrastructure.

–No Journal of Unified Messaging voice mails:

Exchange server 2010 & 2013 has option for this in transport config.


Set-TransportConfig -VoicemailJournalingEnabled $false

You should set this option to false so that Journal of Voice mails are disabled globally.

Running Get-transportconfig can be used to check if its disabled or not.


–Restrict Forwarding

So next thing is we don’t want user should fwd the voice emails to outside world &  IRM etc solutions are not implemented. This can be achieved at the gateway level or exchange transport rules as well.

So here is the example what can be done ( sharing for Ironport Gateway)

Create outgoing content filters:

Attachment file Info : .*@(domain\.com).*(Voice Mail)

Attachment file Info : mp3


You can set action as drop or you can set action as quarantine.

Now two of the requirements have been fulfilled, Our third requirement is

–Stop Manual Archiving

Taking the example of Enterprise Vault , We want to stop the manual archiving by users so that they will not be able to move the Voice email messages to their Virtual Vaults.

Lets set it now, Open  Vault Administration Console –> right click –> Directory

In the Exchange Message Classes add the below three UM message classes.



After that Check –> in each Mailbox Policy –>these classes are not ticked.


Now when the policy is pushed to user mailboxes than they would not be able to move those messages to Virtual Vault.

For third part our testing is still in progress..

If you are in same situation, you can refer this article & provide the solution.


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