Sharepoint Error: The server block is not well formed

Note:- Do take Backup of site collection before following this procedure

Admins working on SharePoint might have encountered this error ( it was reported to us only 2 times in 3 years)

The server block is not well formed


You will find lot of articles on the internet stating to use SharePoint designer to reset definition of the page which is throwing this error.

This can be achieved without designer as well by going into site actions –> site settings of Site collection.


Click on Reset Site Definitions:


Enter the url on which you are getting the error


Click Reset to Fix the problematic Doc library /form .



Tech Wizard




One thought on “Sharepoint Error: The server block is not well formed

  1. Thanks very much for this solution!!!

    Is this a permanent solution or just a temporary one?

    Does this problem occur because of the number of folders in a document library?

    Thank you!

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