How to Create a ROOM List – Exchange

First let’s discuss what is a Room List ?

This has been built in Exchange 2010 in combination with Outlook 2010 so that users are able to find the Rooms with ease. You can create a List of Rooms on Exchange server & than thru outlook use Room finder as shown below to find the available Rooms.


Now let’s check how to create Room List –> Log on to Exchange Management Shell :

To create list run below command: (Same command we use to create Distribution Lists but this is with an option – RoomList)

New-DistributionGroup -Name “Room List Name” -OrganizationalUnit “OU Path” –RoomList

Example: New-DistributionGroup -Name “ConRms Test” -OrganizationalUnit “” –RoomList


Room List is now created, we need to add Rooms to the list same as we add members to the distribution Lists.

To add single room:

Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity “Room List Name” -member “Room Name”

To add multiple rooms:

Create a .txt file and Put the rooms in .txt file then run below command

Get-Content <Path of .txt File>| Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity “Room List Name”


Now users can use outlook & search available rooms by using Room Finder functionality.

You can also convert the existing distribution list to Room List.

Set-DistributionGroup -Identity “Distribution List” -RoomList


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3 thoughts on “How to Create a ROOM List – Exchange

  1. Great article.
    We have implemented Room list in Exchange 2013.
    We have users and rooms with Adress book policy [No Policy] and those works fine. Room lists show up as they should.
    User A, Adress Book Policy: [No policy]
    Room Building A , Adress Book Policy: [No policy]
    Room List Building A

    User A sees Room list Buliding A

    Problem is we also have a handful rooms and users who has a adress book policy assigned to them. They doesn’t see the room list. Do you also have to assign the room list itself to the adress book policy and how?
    User B, Adress Book Policy: [ABP B]
    Room Builing B , Adress Book Policy [ABP B]
    Room List Building B

    User B doesn’t see any Room List

    Any idea what the problem can be and how to fix it?

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