Troubleshoot Picture Export from Sharepoint to Active Directory

Recently we received a complain from a user that her photo is not visible in outlook & Lync. She has uploaded the Photo on her mysite but its not visible in Gal.

We told her that she should wait for a day so that sync happens but after a day as well it was not visible, She reloaded the picture but in vain.

So we started troubleshooting as this should not happen, ideally on reload we have seen it gets fixed. We asked her to remove the photo & load it again & after that We went on to

Central administration –> Manage  service applications –> User profile Service 


Click on Start profile synchronization


Start Incremental Synchronization


Now log on to the SharePoint Server from which user profile synchronization is happening & open miisclient – Forefront Identity Management 2010. (below is the path)

“:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell\miisclient.exe”

This tool always assist in these kind of issues, here you can monitor the synchronization & errors.


Check for that particular user which has reported the issue with picture.


In our case it turns out to be permission issue as you can see in the screen shot, We checked further & found that a New OU was created in the environment. The account which does the export from Sharepoint to AD has not been granted rights to write on the Thumbnail attribute. As soon as Our AD team granted the rights, issue got resolved on next synchronization.

Hope you got the idea that miisclient is the key in troubleshooting the syncronization issues.

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