Sharepoint Hide Recycle bin while opening Forms

This post is about How to hide recycle bin While opening forms on Sharepoint page.

Below is the example where when user clicks & open the Form , in the upper left corner you can see Recycle bin & All Site content which looks ODD.


Here is the solution to this problem, just create a text file Name Hide.txt (you can choose any Name) with below contents:


.s4-specialNavLinkList {




Upload the created file to document library, I have uploaded it to shared documents document library.

Open the List & from the top ribbon bar select –> form web parts –> (item) New Form


When the New form is opened , Click ADD webpart –> Add content editor webpart, you will find it under –> Media and content


Click Edit web Part on Content Editor web Part


Add the url of the text file you have uploaded in the document library.

Apply & Stop editing.


Now when you will open the form there would be No recycle bin & All site Content Links.

I am creating a user form using infopath for some automation work so this trick helped me to enhance user experience 🙂

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