Disable list view threshold for particular List

There can be situations where you want to use large list that has more than 5000 items. When querying the list you are getting the error of list view threshold on filtering or when querying items from forms.


The query cannot be run for the following DataObject: ComputerList1
The SOAP response indicates that an error occurred on the server:


You have the option to remove the List view threshold from the whole web-application by going to Central administration –> Manage Web applications –> Highlight the Webapp

Go to General Settings –> Resource Throttling –> modify the List view threshold.


But you don’t want to alter the global settings of web application & just want to be alter the settings for this particular list as you are sure there would be No performance impact as it would be rarely used, Changing globally is not a good idea as per our research.

So here is what you can do, open share point management shell with the farm account & run the below code.

$WebApplication = Get-SPWeb “Site URL”
$List = $WebApplication.Lists[“ListName”]
$List.EnableThrottling = $false

This will disable the List View threshold for this particular list.



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