Change Mail directories path IIS SMTP

We had a need to install the SMTP server for some application but we want to change the default Mail directories path:


Unfortunately you can’t just do it from IIS management console, for modifying the default paths you need metabase explorer.

However you can change the Badmail directory from IIS console: (right click smtp server –> properties –>Messages Tab)

modify it & restart the SMTP service for changes to take effect.


For other directories:

download & install the IIS Metabase explorer.



Follow the wizard & choose custom installation


Just select the Metabase Explorer & finish the wizard.


Launch Metabase Explorer

Navigate to LM > SmtpSvc > 1 and change the directory paths 


Restart the SMTP service & you will notice new paths gets created.

Just follow the steps mentioned above if you are in same situation.

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