Skip DNS registration for Particular IP Addresses

Today I am sharing a TIP which can be used to skip DNS registration of some of the IP addresses (when you have assigned multiple IP to a single NIC).

When NIC’s are multiple , its easy to just uncheck the box for DNS registration as shown below:(register this connection’s address in DNS )


Challenge comes when you have a Single NIC & multiple addresses 🙂

So here is the TIP which utilizes cool Netsh,

ADD the first IP address to the NIC that you want to register in DNS.

Other IP addresses that you need to ADD to NIC , use following commands

Netsh Int IPv4 Add Address NIC1 10.X.X.1 SkipAsSource=True
Netsh Int IPv4 Add Address NIC1 10.X.X.2 SkipAsSource=True

NIC1 is name of the adaptor, you need to note it before hand.


Now these IP addresses will not get register in DNS.

This article is applicable to windows 2008 & above.

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