Azure PowerShell and Azure Command Line

In this blog post I want to talk about getting started with Azure Powershell and command line. Good news is that you can use Azure command lines from other platforms as well like MAC, Linux.


To get started with Azure automation for Infrastructure Engineers, here are the steps:

Easy way to remember, just google Azure SDK :), 1st or 2nd link will point to the download link..

Scroll down till you reach Command-line tools”

Download & install PowerShell and Command line interface.

After this is done just launch PowerShell & import-module Azure


Type Get-Command *Azure* & you will notice plenty of Azure Powershell Cmdlets.


Lets Login to Azure from Powershell:

Type Add-AzureAccount, a window will popup for login to Azure.


After you finish login, session will get created.


Now let’s do the similar exercise from command line interface.

To check command line interface you just need to type Azure..


To login to azure from command line:

Type Azure Login  (note that all commands will start from Azure as keyword)

It will ask you to launch the web-browser, login to the url mentioned  & type the generated code capture

After typing the code it will ask you to login from your azure account.


When login is successful, you will be asked to close the browser & your command line will show that login is successful.


For this blog post I am stopping here but will write more as soon as I get my hands dirty with Azure 🙂


Sukhija Vikas



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