Playing with Files – Azure Storage

In this blog post I will demonstrate the idea of if you want to upload some files images to Azure Storage so that you can use it, There are multiple methods that can be used but simplest ones are using Microsoft Azure Storage explorer and Azure storage copy command.

Download the Microsoft Azure storage explorer from below link

Ones downloaded follow the wizard & install it on your machine:


Launch the Storage explorer & click connect to Azure storage


It will ask you to enter SAS key or account key which you can get from Azure portal


From azure portal grab the keys by clicking manage access keys( these keys are very important , I am not going in detail for securing them as motive here is to upload files to azure)


After you entered the storage key & Storage account name you can than click next, finish the wizard to connect.

Now you can just browse thru your storage account & use simple upload /download button for file operations.


Note:- Don’t forget to detach it after work is completed.


Another way of doing is via command line using Azcopy tool which is also a good/faster way.

Download the AZcopy from below link:

You can use below command Syntax & copy the data to Azure storage account.

AzCopy.exe /Source:\\server\e$\CloudARchivemigration\ /Dest:”SASURL” /V:E:\CloudARchivemigration\Logs\AzCopy1.log

This method is being used during PST upload in o365 as well.




Thanks for reading and downloading

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